building a better city

We are a section of the DSA's Libertarian Socialist Caucus organizing in the NYC metro region for a socialist future outside the confines of the state.

Our members live throughout the Boroughs, Long Island, Northern NJ, the Hudson Valley and Southern CT. Many are NYC-DSA members and are part of organizing efforts within that formation. Others work across community groups invested in projects around autonomous democracy, composting and food systems, direct action, homeless outreach and more. All want to build a better world than capitalism has provided.


Freedom. Solidarity. Democracy.

Each individual in our organization has their own political understanding, theoretical background and lived practice. While "isms" aren't the most useful measure of a political project, some that have been used to describe our collective vision include: anarchism, anarcho-communism, autonomous Marxism, council communism, democratic confederalism, left-libertarianism, social ecology and of course libertarian socialism.

We encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the details of our caucus to check out the website of the DSA-LSC, our nationally confederated body. If you're in the NYC metro region and are interested in our ideas or work, we'd love for you to join us and help build a better future for our city and beyond.